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During these first couple of weeks students have been busy getting familiar with the music room and our procedures. We created our essential agreements and discussed how important it will be to show we are caring, principled and good communicators during our music classes.

Grades 3 to 6 worked on creating instructions using rhythm patterns that reflected their understanding of those essential agreements. In this gallery you can see what great work they did:

Travelling around the World through Music. Chapter 3: South America

World Music Pic          World Music Pic 2

In our trip around the World, Grade 1 students have visited South America this week.

We have learned about music and instruments and how music is used in these countries to dance, talk about love, make jokes and entertainment

Here you can enjoy the songs we learned and watch the presentation that we used to fill in our booklets.

Please, complete the page with facts as well as the final reflection page and bring it back to school:


World Music Booklet. South America

A Luz de Tieta (Brasil)

La arana picua (Colombia)

La Mariposa (Bolivia)

PYP Music Factory – Songs

Dear PYP Music Factory,

The big day is coming up. Here you can find the songs we will be performing. Please have a look at them and make sure that you learn all the words and that you practice with the backing track. You can download the lyrics here (you will need to click twice to open the document)


Here you can listen to the song

And this one is without words for you to practice

Here you can watch and sing along to Amawole. We are singing extra parts, so this is not exactly the same, but you can use it for practice:

In the following document you can find other songs we have learned this year:

Music Factory Songs


Songs and history: Maori Songs from New Zealand

maoriGrade 4s are exploring Maori songs from New Zealand to learn that many songs have historical origins and are connected to the history of the countries they come from.

Ms Nikki came today to share her experience of learning these songs as she grew up in New Zealand.

Grade 4s are learning to play five songs from New Zealand and will be inquiring into the origins and meanings of the songs. You can download a copy of the songs here:

Songs and history

You can click here to visit a page where you can find all the information about the origins of these songs.

These are the videos we watched today in class:


Preschool Action Songs


In the playlist below you can find some of the songs we use in music class. All preschoolers love these songs and know them quite well. I hope you can all join in the fun!!!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know which ones you all prefer!!

Travelling around the World through Music. Chapter 2: North and Central America

World Music Pic 2                    World Music Pic

In our trip around the World, Grade 1 students have visited North and Central America this week.

We have learned about music and instruments and how music is used in these countries to dance, celebrate festivals and talk about love.

Here you can enjoy the songs we learned and watch the presentation that we used to fill in our booklets.

Please, complete the page with facts as well as the final reflection page and bring it back to school:


World Music Booklet. NorthCentral America

Mardi Gras Mambo (USA)

Hanal Weech (Mexico)

Guantanamera (Cuba)

The Planets

In connection to their Unit of Inquiry “Solar Systems”, Grade 4 students have been learning about “The Planets”, an orchestral piece written by British composer Gustav Holst between 1914 and 1916.The Planets. Pic

In this piece, Holst uses the solar system’s planets as an inspiration to express different ideas and emotions connected to them.

In the following links you can access more information about the piece, listen to samples and watch a video that combines live orchestral music with moving images of the planets.

Attached you can also find the worksheet we used in class as well as a score for clarinets and flutes to learn to play the main theme of Jupiter.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how you liked this music.

Click here for an explanation of the piece with audio samples.

Listening Guide. The Planets



Travelling around the World through Music. Chapter 1: Africa

World Music Pic 2                World Music Pic

In Grade 1 we are travelling around the World through Music. We are learning songs from all around the World and learning that music can help us to get to know and understand cultures.

In class, we have learned 3 songs from Africa and we have explored African music and instruments. Students have completed a booklet with ideas and concepts related to African music and culture.

At home they need to complete the booklet with 3 facts about Africa and their personal reflection about the songs we have learned. We will share these in class.

Attached you can find the presentation we used in class as well as the three songs we have worked with. Also attached is a copy of the booklet.


World Music Booklet. Africa

Kalimba (South Africa)

Jambo Bwana (Kenya)

Hello, Hello (Congo)

Fatou Yo (Senegal)



Tooting and Dooding with Razzamajazz

doods                                                                  toots

Grades 4 and 5 students have received their new instruments!!! Toots and Doods.

Below you can find instructions about how to record yourself playing with Razzamajazz as we did in class

1.- Get your instrument and your music ready in a comfortable position (not lying on the sofa…sitting or standing straight with the paper in front of you)

2.- Go to www.vocaroo.com (it will open in a new tab) and get ready to play your piece.

3.- Press click to record and come back to the blog .

4.- Click on the audio at the bottom of this post to start the accompaniment and play your piece.

5.- Stop the recording and listen to it.

6.- If you are not happy with it click on retry and go back to step 3.

7.- If you are happy with the recording click on click here to save.

8.- Click on email and enter your teacher’s email addresses (fernando.ramirez@sek.qa and fernandoboe@hotmail.com) and the rest of the details requested.

Write a comment to let everybody know how you’re getting on!!


Two at Twilight

Stripy Cat Crawl

Swingtime Stroll

Stardom Waltz

Pineapple Punch

The Chicken Cluck Waddle

Jenco’s Jam

Click below to download the scores:


Pre 5’s Songs around the World

crees_songsIn our current Unit of Inquiry, Pre 5 students are learning how children around the World use music for learning and entertainment. This is allowing us to explore the key concepts of Function and Perspective.

Throughout the process each student is filling up a passport-photo album with memories from our trip, including the country’s flag, the name of the song, its use, an artifact and a personal reflection.

Below you will see a link to the website where you can find the songs and videos and a list of the songs we are learning. I would like to recommend you to visit the website and enjoy the songs and games that the students are learning in class. Over the next few weeks I will add links to this post with the songs we have learned.

To find all the songs visit: www.mamalisa.com

Songs we have learned so far (Click on the name of the song to find the video):

South Africa: Kalimba


Ghana: Che che koolay

Tanzania: Moja, Mbili, Tatu

Tunisia: Ana andi koura

USA: Brush your teeth

Mexico: Guanchilopostle

Colombia: Pass the shoe

Austria: Oh, Du lieber Augustine

Italy: Giro, giro tondo.

Japan: Tabanata Festival.

China: Mummy is the best

Don’t forget to leave a comment to tell me how you have enjoyed these songs with your friends and family.

If you would like to have an extra copy of the passport you can download this one:

Songs around the World

Grade 3 Musical Games

After a whole term working on their Unit of Inquiry “Musical Games:, Grade 3 students completed the creation of their own games, displaying a great understanding of all the ideas and musical elements we had analysed throughout the unit.capture

They created new games, adding rules, discussing the skills needed to succeed at the game as well as the values we could learn from playing.

They did a terrific job and enjoyed sharing their games with some parents that came to join in our last session.


Click on the link bellow to watch a presentation of all the great work they’ve done. Don’t forget to leave a comment!!

Musical Games Presentation