Travelling around the World through Music. Chapter 1: Africa

World Music Pic 2                World Music Pic

In Grade 1 we are travelling around the World through Music. We are learning songs from all around the World and learning that music can help us to get to know and understand cultures.

In class, we have learned 3 songs from Africa and we have explored African music and instruments. Students have completed a booklet with ideas and concepts related to African music and culture.

At home they need to complete the booklet with 3 facts about Africa and their personal reflection about the songs we have learned. We will share these in class.

Attached you can find the presentation we used in class as well as the three songs we have worked with. Also attached is a copy of the booklet.


World Music Booklet. Africa

Kalimba (South Africa)

Jambo Bwana (Kenya)

Hello, Hello (Congo)

Fatou Yo (Senegal)



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