Chinese Songs on Recorder

In Grade 4, we have been exploring music from ancient civilisations. We learned that one of the most important musical elements of Chinese music is the pentatonic scale: a musical scale made up of five sounds that are equivalent to the ones we sing (Do, Re, Mi, So and La).

We have been learning to play Chinese folk songs on our recorders. Here you can listen to Mr Fernando playing the songs. You can use these recordings as a guide to know how the song goes. Play along or listen to it and then repeat.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on how it all went and send a recording via

You can find here the document with the songs as well as instructions to submit a recording via vocaroo:





Past meets present to keep tradition alive

In Grade 5 we have continued to explore Arabic Music.

We listened to some interesting pieces of music that drew their inspiration from artists from the past.

adele-fairuz fayrouz noel-kharman

In this particular case we listened to modern musicians that had created new music using songs by the Lebanese artist Fayrouz. Fayrouz is one of the biggest stars of Arabic music ever.

Listening to this music helped students understand that musical tradition is still very much alive and that modern artists continue to look back to artists from the past and use their musical elements and ideas as a source of inspiration and as a way to define their own identities.

Below you can find the tracks we listened to in class plus an extra one featuring Noel Kharman, the Palestinian teenager that has mashed up Fayrouz and Adele’s music.

I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the music.

Musical Migrants Podcasts

During their first unit of inquiry, Grade 5s explored the lives of some musical migrants: people who had migrated because of music. As many other migrants, these musicians faced risks and challenges and looked for opportunities.

During this unit we visited Qatar Music Academy’s Arab Music Department, where we had the chance to meet some musical migrants that shared their life experiences with us.

dsc00913 dsc00900dsc00924dsc00921

We would like to thank Mr Yassine, Mr Tafik, Ms Rachel, Ms Anne-Marie and Ms Adele for their time and kindness and for letting us share their stories. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and we hope that everybody enjoys our podcasts:

Grade 5 students: Please, choose a podcast by a group that interviewed someone different than the person your group did and write a comment giving them two stars and a wish (2 things that you liked and one thing that could be better next time). This comment will be considered part of your music summative assessment and be reflected on your reports.

Grade 2: UOI Families. Music around the World

In Grade 2 we have been learning about how music is used in different parts of the World. We have used key concepts to analyse and understand some videos related to a Basque traditional instrument: the txalaparta.

Through these videos we have learned about form, by looking at the different materials instruments are made of. We have learned about perspective and the different points of view we all have. We have learned about change and how the sound changes depending on the materials we use. And we learned about causation by discussing the reasons why these instruments are different.

You can enjoy these videos again with your families and complete with them the listening guide attached if you like.


Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you enjoyed about these videos:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Pre 5 Communities and Grade 3 Materials: Learning about the Symphony Orchestra

In Pre 5 we have been learning about the Symphony Orchestra as an example of Community. And in Grade 3 we have explored the orchestra to find out the different materials instruments are made of.

In an Orchestra each member works hard to fulfill their responsibilities and everybody cooperates to make sure that the music sounds great!!

There is a very important person in the Orchestra: the conductor. The conductor shows the musicians how to play and makes sure that everybody plays well together.

In class Pre 5s have been playing conducting games and taking turns to lead each other in making music.

We have also looked at the different instruments that we can find in a symphony orchestra. Here you can find the videos we have been using in class as well as the worksheets we have used to draw and colour them. (Strings Worksheet) (Woodwind and Brass Worksheet)

I hope you like them.

Each video below is a playlist and it contains a few videos. You can use the arrows to move on to the next one.

This is the full orchestra in action and some nice videos about conductors:

These are videos with instruments from the string family: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass:

The next playlist has instruments from the woodwind family: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon:

These are instruments from the brass family: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Tuba:

These videos are from the percussion family:

Do you like this music? Give it a heart!

During the Unitof Inquiry “All about me” Pre 4s have been exploring different types of music, listening carefully and deciding whether they like what they heard or not.

We did this activity at school and the Pre 4s enjoyed listening to various styles of music. If you like you can try this activity at home together with family and friends. Just download this booklet: Pre4. Likes and dislikes and fill it up like this:

1.- Play the youtube playlist inserted in this post.

2.- Listen to the piece.

3.- If you like it draw a heart inside the first box. If you don’t like it draw a cross.

4.- In the blank face draw how this music makes you fill.

5.- In the blank box draw anything this music makes you think of.

6.- Do the same for all 8 pieces. You can use the arrows in the video to move on to the next piece.

7.- Leave a comment in the post and let me know how it went.

Have a good listening time!

Grade 2: Rights and Responsibilities. Roles in Music

During their Unit of Inquiry “Rights and Responsibilities”, Grade 2 students explored the different roles people play in music. They became composers, conductors, performers and audience and fulfilled all the appropriate responsibilities.

They created their own music and performed it together. Click on these pictures to see the piece they composed and you can watch the videos of each class performing the piece.

We hope you enjoy them!

asadoya-stick-notation-1 asadoya-stick-notation-2

Grade 2A:

Grade 2B:

Recorder Tutorial Videoss

Grade 4 students have been working hard on the development of their instrumental skills.

Here you can find the tutorial videos for the songs that we have been learning in class. Have a go at learning them and don’t forget to leave a comment to let everyone know how you are getting on.

Little Bird:

Here sits a mousie:

Five sticky lollipops:



Winter Train Ride:

Rocky Mountain:

Grade 3’s musical games

dsc00854         dsc00856

Grade 3s have been working on a unit of inquiry called musical games, They have shared games they knew, learned new ones and analysed them all in order to understand how musical games can help us develop skills and learn values.

In this playlist there are a few fun clapping games you can try at home with family and friends. Happy Clapping!!!

Once you have played any of these games, please leave a comment and let me know how it all went.

Musical Stories – Peter and the Wolf

In Music in Grade 1 we have begun our Stand Alone Unit “Musical Stories”.
In this unit we will explore how music can enhance a story, how instruments can represent different characters and create our own musical stories!

Grade 1s watched Peter and the Wolf in class today – a great example of a musical story written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.  You can watch it again with friends and family or maybe watch the other one below to see how different illustrators have created different drawings inspired by the story.


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image