Tooting and Dooding with Razzamajazz

doods                                                                  toots

Grades 4 and 5 students have received their new instruments!!! Toots and Doods.

Below you can find instructions about how to record yourself playing with Razzamajazz as we did in class

1.- Get your instrument and your music ready in a comfortable position (not lying on the sofa…sitting or standing straight with the paper in front of you)

2.- Go to (it will open in a new tab) and get ready to play your piece.

3.- Press click to record and come back to the blog .

4.- Click on the audio at the bottom of this post to start the accompaniment and play your piece.

5.- Stop the recording and listen to it.

6.- If you are not happy with it click on retry and go back to step 3.

7.- If you are happy with the recording click on click here to save.

8.- Click on email and enter your teacher’s email addresses ( and and the rest of the details requested.

Write a comment to let everybody know how you’re getting on!!


Two at Twilight

Stripy Cat Crawl

Swingtime Stroll

Stardom Waltz

Pineapple Punch

The Chicken Cluck Waddle

Jenco’s Jam

Click below to download the scores:



Tooting and Dooding with Razzamajazz — 15 Comments

  1. Dear Fernando
    Some of the songs that I know are the same as the recorder ones and now, when I play the dood it is more fun, because I Lerned how to play a little more songs that I knew before.
    From Nicolas de la Cuesta.

  2. Dear Mr. Fernando,

    Thanks for all your efforts in teaching the kids and using interesting and engaging tech to keep the children actively involved. I appreciate your time in listening and commenting on uploaded recordings.

    • Fares,

      You need to click on the link that says Razzamajazz at the end of the post. Then you need to click on it again when the name appears in the following screen. Sorry, I don’t know why it appears twice.

      Good luck and well done with your recording of Star Wars!!

  3. Dear Mr Fernando I do not have the piece of paper for the songs so can you please give it to me with the number that I need to put on the TooT.

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