Do you like this music? Give it a heart!

During the Unitof Inquiry “All about me” Pre 4s have been exploring different types of music, listening carefully and deciding whether they like what they heard or not.

We did this activity at school and the Pre 4s enjoyed listening to various styles of music. If you like you can try this activity at home together with family and friends. Just download this booklet: Pre4. Likes and dislikes and fill it up like this:

1.- Play the youtube playlist inserted in this post.

2.- Listen to the piece.

3.- If you like it draw a heart inside the first box. If you don’t like it draw a cross.

4.- In the blank face draw how this music makes you fill.

5.- In the blank box draw anything this music makes you think of.

6.- Do the same for all 8 pieces. You can use the arrows in the video to move on to the next piece.

7.- Leave a comment in the post and let me know how it went.

Have a good listening time!


Do you like this music? Give it a heart! — 1 Comment

  1. We’ve listened this song, Gabriel doesn’t like too much, but we have enjoyed with others classical songs, Marcha Radetzky, the Flight of the bumble bee … you know, a little more fun. I’ve tried AC/DC – Highway to Hell, he likes … OMG … and QUEEN, we will rock you, we are the champions, of course.
    Gabriel likes Music … that’s it!!! and I’m so happy for this, because he is happy, dancing and singing, from La bicicleta to Justin Bieber jajaja

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