Musical Stories – Peter and the Wolf

In Music in Grade 1 we have begun our Stand Alone Unit “Musical Stories”.
In this unit we will explore how music can enhance a story, how instruments can represent different characters and create our own musical stories!

Grade 1s watched Peter and the Wolf in class today – a great example of a musical story written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.  You can watch it again with friends and family or maybe watch the other one below to see how different illustrators have created different drawings inspired by the story.


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Musical Stories – Peter and the Wolf — 15 Comments

  1. My mom and I watched the first one together, I was telling her about how the instruments connected to the animals. I want to be a conductor when I am bigger. I didn’t like the second one as much as the first one.

    • I am glad you watched the video again and I am sure mum was impressed by your understanding of the connection between animals and instruments. I am sure you will make a great conductor, Stella!!

  2. Dear Mr. Fernando.
    I watched the two videos with my mom. and I liked the second new one more because the sounds of the music is softer. I told my mother how each character has a musical instrument and told her about the conversations between the bird and duck and between Peter and his grandfather. thank you for this nice video.

    • Well done, Abdelkarim. I’m glad you enjoyed the second video too. And I’m sure your mum enjoyed your explanations.

    • The story ends with the duck singing from inside the wolf, but we don’t really see if she manages to get out. How do you think it could happen?

  3. I love this story, (1st one better cause there are nice pictures). I have explain my parents about animals who represent the instruments, my mon still are surprised. My favorite part is when Peter catches the tail of the wolf.

    • Great Sofia! I’m glad you liked it. I also love the music when the rope goes down and you hear the violins.

  4. I enjoyed watching Peter and the Wolf. I particularly liked the sound from the flute. I prefer the first version of Peter and the Wolf because the pictures are clearer and it was easier to connect the sounds from the instruments to the characters. Thank you for posting the video!

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